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The gift of the...



The gift of the pause...We are all given the gift of the pause.  The opportunity to observe without reacting.  The opportunity to see things from a different perspective.  The opportunity to reflect and help another person be seen or heard.  The opportunity for peace.    


My mission is to help couples increase harmony and live more peaceful lives by identifying and changing patterns.  Many of us react out of habit.  Assumptive thinking, dismissive or aggressive behavior damages relationships.  



I offer couples counseling and individual counseling to those that are looking to gain insight and develop coping skills to improve relationships, interactions & overall functioning.  I utilize a CBT and mindfulness approach.  Certain thought processes can trigger anxiety and depressive symptoms.  By gaining insight into thought processes, individuals can begin to feel more at peace and in control as the only thing we can control is how we react to situations.



Couples/Individual Counseling

In-person - $120

Virtual      - $100


Bundle: $400 In person - 4 visits 

             $320 Virtual      - 4 visits

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